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[EN] dig a hole in QEMU: how to execute code on the host from VMs (Part 1)

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In the next posts I’ll show you my recent works on QEMU. The purpose of my work is execute code on the Host machine every time that a virtual machine write or read to certain memory address. As you may know, QEMU is not largely documented, so in these posts I try to simplify works for people who are interested in these kind of operation.

The design of the solution that I’ve implemented starts from a QEMU emulated device, called LittleP. In addiction, we need of a Guest drivers that is programmed to write/read data to a fixed memory address. In my case I have used a GNU/Linux virtual machine, but probably it is possible to do the same thing with others operating systems.

So let’s start with the addiction of a new QEMU emulated device. To do this we have to add a new file (in this example littlep.c) in qemu/hw directory. This file should be something like this:

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Written by Michele Paolino

13/11/2012 at 12:37