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These are a brief overview of my academic/research works:

bypass QEMU to execute code directly on VMs:

littlep emulated device

XEN’s scheduler:

scheduler random

studio study of SEDF and CREDIT scheduler

domain structure

Security KVM (java project that crypt and encrypt automatically kvm image disks):

This is a java application that decrypt a VM’s disk (using a password AND a USB device) before the start up, and encrypt it in the shutting down operation. Written in Java language.

note: wordpress do not allow upload of zip file, so if you want the code mail me or, alternatively, download this file and rename it

Web page change script:

Script allow me to be notified when a webpage changes. To do this we need to install a webserver in the local machine. Written in bash


Written by Michele Paolino

06/07/2011 a 14:00


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